Training & Consultancy


“I found the training very worthwhile. I feel that I have gained relevant knowledge to pass on to both my colleagues and the clients I work with.”

Alcohol & Drugs Action provides a range of training packages tailored to meet the needs of different audiences and organizations. With nearly thirty years experience in the drug and alcohol field, we have a wealth of experience and knowledge that is constantly updated to take account of changing trends and new legislation. We can provide training to meet your specific needs. Examples of some of the topics we can cover are:

  • Awareness training relating to drugs (including opiates, stimulants, new psychoactive substances (legal highs), solvents, PIEDs and prescription/over-the-counter medications) and alcohol – what do these different drugs do and what are their effects?
  • Alcohol and drug dependency – how do people become dependent? What are the physical and psychological elements of dependency?
  • What are the issues around new psychoactive substances and why they are not really 'legal highs'?
  • Harm reduction strategies for working with drug users
  • Blood borne viruses – prevention, testing and treatment
  • Overdose awareness training and how to administer naloxone.
  • Working with families affected by drugs and alcohol
  • Parents, their children and drugs
  • Workforce development and training – a range of packages aimed at giving your staff appropriate knowledge and skills around drugs and alcohol

We can meet other specific training requirements and welcome requests for training designed to meet specific needs.


“Very educational and informative. Will be very useful for my everyday practice.”

“Good use of practical and theory-based learning.”

Our team of experienced professionals can provide you with support and advice on all issues related to drugs and alcohol. This service may be particularly useful to employers who are concerned for the health and well-being of their staff and their families.

We can provide advice on the development of drug and alcohol policies for employers as well as support for individual cases.

ADA works very closely with a range of partner organisations from private, third and statutory sectors. We have a proud history of providing advice, information and support to the local community.


Some of our training and consultation services are provided at no cost and are part of our funded commitment to communities. Other packages will have a cost attached. The amount charged will depend on the services required. Further information is available on request.