Families First

Families First is a well established dual agency service operating in Aberdeen city which incorporates the strong partnership between Alcohol & Drugs Action and Aberlour Child Care Trust. Families First works with children and young people (0 – 13 years) affected by parental drug and/or alcohol use and their parents/carers and extended family. Each family works with both agencies to address issues regarding parenting, family life and drug and/or alcohol use to promote recovery for the whole family. 

Families First provides:

  • Early intervention support based on an in-depth assessment of the needs of individuals and family as a whole
  • A range of age-appropriate one-to-one interventions for children, parents and extended family members regarding drug and/or alcohol use, lifestyle factors and parenting skills
  • Joint family work with any combination of children, parents and extended family members, as required
  • Group work for adults, children or mixed sessions regarding drug and/or alcohol use, lifestyle factors and parenting skills
  • Joint working and referral to other services as appropriate, in line with GIRFEC principles
  • Help to access community resources, services and support